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Independent Monitoring of Forest Law Enforcement and Governance

System consolidating forest infractions collected by Independent Monitors (Jan 2016 - now)

Through Forest Legality, Environmental Governance and Trade (FLEGT) projects in timber producing countries, we have been supporting mandated and external Independent Monitors in the development of methodologies and their implementation so that the most severe forest infractions can be detected and documented with strong evidence giving civil society information credibility. This project is funded by the Forest Governance, Markets and Climate 2015 Grants round.

Tools for Implementation of Forest Governance (TIFG) - Linking timber producing countries with European competent authorities to curb the import of illegal timber (Feb 2014 - March 2015)

REM aims to facilitate more credible FLEGT working mechanisms in Africa and the development and improvement of EUTR implementation procedures. This project funded by the EU ACP FLEGT programme will support the implementation of Independent Monitoring by national organisations, increase the credibility of EUTR Competent Authorities , and field test new law enforcement and monitoring tools using vehicle tracking technology (2014-2014).

IM-FLEG Cameroon

The REM monitoring team has undertaken over 80 missions in the Cameroonian forests, documenting illegal activities as well as strengths and weaknesses in forest law enforcement and governance, to promote in-depth systems improvements. Our latest analylsis of is available in our 2005-2009 report : "Progress in tackling illegal logging in Cameroon". Click here for an English summary of the project

You can access our REM IM-FLEG Cameroon Website for detailed information on our work

IM-FLEG Congo Brazzaville

Following two scoping missions, Capacity building in the Congo Basin and Independent Monitoring of Forest Law Enforcement in Congo Brazzaville has started in 2007 in collaboration with Forests Monitor and the Centre for Education and Development. Our first annual report will provide you with information on law enforcement systems in Congo Brazzaville. You can also view project's objectives and reports on illegal logging

Look at our REM IM-FLEG Congo website for more information

IM-FLEG Liberia

Following discussions with the Liberian government, REM was invited to conduct a scoping mission in Liberia to assess the feasibility of an independent monitoring project.

REM met representatives of civil society, government, international donors and organised a workshop on IM-FLEG. Read the full report here.

Scoping IM-FLEG missions Tanzania

REM has completed a new scoping mission in Tanzania in October 2009 and the report is now available. It followed on from a previous mission in June 2006. Both missions identified key issues related to forest exploitation and possible added value of independent monitoring of forest law enforcement and governance.

IM-FLEG Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa)

On 1 December 2010, REM was appointed Independent Monitor of Forest Law Enforcement and Governance in DRC for a duration of 25 months. Click here for access to the project's website in French . Previously, in October 2004, REM studied the process of converting old forest titles into forest logging concession contracts and provided Recommendations for the Independent Observer of the review of old forest licences, October 04 (Recommandations pour L'Observateur Indépendant de la conversion des anciennes licences forestières, oct 04 )

IM-FiLEG Fisheries, Sri Lanka

A collaboration between Rainforest Rescue International (RRI) and REM aims to encourage good governance in the fisheries sector in Sri Lanka, with a special focus on tuna fisheries. This pilot project was designed to assess and develop the role of civil society. Over the 18 months of the project, RRI and REM have worked together to build an independent monitoring model that could make a real progress towards the following objective. Click here for more information

REM experts are currently discussing possibilitities for trial joint inspections in several African and Asian countries.

Capacity building

Guide on mapping technologies and techniques for use at community level

REM has edited a resource guide on mapping technologies and techniques, aiming to support indigenous communities in mapping and monitoring their territories. REM transfers its skills to build local capacity and national ownership of the monitoring process.

On the job training supporting government officials

We aim to build national ownership of the improved implementation of procedures and legislation. Where possible, we undertake joint investigations with government officials where we share all our investigative techniques, technical support and data analysis.

Monitoring preparation

REM supports the development of new Independent Monitoring projects to increase governance and transparency in natural resource sectors and compliance in the extraction of the resource concerned.

GIS Mapping

We have the in-house technical and analytical capacity to produce targeted GIS maps. We have produced various outputs supporting international organisations in their own documentary and monitoring efforts.

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